SWANU plans to decriminalise cannabis and homosexuality

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-SWANU President Dr Tangeni Iijambo says his party plans to decriminalise cannabis, homosexuality and to fight for the rights of all marginalised groups.

GUN, RUF call for cannabis to be legalised

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-Members of Ganja Users of Namibia (GUN) and Rastafarian United Front (RUF) at Rundu reiterated their call on goveornment to legalise cannabis.

Outjo Police arrest five suspects with cannabis worth N$184 000

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-The Outjo Police have arrested five suspects who were found with cannabis worth N$184 000 on Tuesday night.

Ohangwena Police intercept 41 bags of cannabis at Eenhana

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Ohangwena Police has intercepted 41 bags, consisting of 100 parcels of cannabis in each bag, at Eenhana on Wednesday.

Opuwo woman found in possession of cannabis

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-A 27-year-old woman was arrested at Opuwo Saturday after being found in possession of cannabis.

16 pharmacies authorised to sell over the counter cannabis to registered users in Uruguay

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-Uruguay is working to fully implement the legalisation of marijuana, approved by Congress in 2013. There are now 16 pharmacies authorized to sell over the counter cannabis to registered users.

Three Keetmanshoop schoolboys arrested for possession of cannabis

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-The //Karas Police 'drug law enforcement unit' this morning raided JA Nel Senior Secondary school at Keetmanshoop, and arrested three boys for alleged drug smuggling, or possession of illegal substances.

Cannabis was created on the third day of creation - User

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-The Namibian Police on Thursday arrested a man who grew cannabis near the B1 road in the vicinity of Windhoek’s Cimbebasia residential area.

A man is arrested for possession of drugs

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Oshivelo Police have confiscated cannabis with a street value of more than 22 000 dollars. Gabriel Lukas was arrested in this regard and was charged with possession and distribution of drugs in the Tsumeb Magistrate's Court.