Outjo Mayor concerned about drug use, human trafficking

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-Outjo Mayor, Samuel !Oe-Amseb says the use of drugs and illicit trafficking at the town is a cause for concern and need to be addressed jointly by parents and the council.

Police record a decline in crime during Operation Kalahari Desert

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-The Police have recorded a decline in crime, during Operation Kalahari Desert last year.

Katutura East community discuss crime

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-Crime can only be eliminated from communities, through collaboration with the police.

Erongo NAMPOL concerned over increasing number of break-ins and theft

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-The Namibian Police (NAMPOL) in Erongo is concerned about the increasing number of house break-ins and theft in the region.

No serious crimes recorded in Oshana over Christmas

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-No serious crimes were recorded in the Oshana Region during the Christmas period.

No major incidents reported in //Kharas on Christmas eve

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-The Namibian Police in the //Kharas Region revealed that no major incidents were reported during Christmas eve in the //Kharas Region.

Body found floating in Nyangana hospital sewage dam

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The body of a 36-year-old patient admitted to the Nyangana District Hospital was found in the hospital’s sewage dam on Thursday morning.

Public cautioned to stay alert and avoid becoming targets of criminals

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The escalating crime rate is a constant matter of concern.

Rundu Adventist Primary School learners march to denounce crimes against children

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-Children from the Rundu Adventist Primary School held a march to denounce the escalating crimes against children.

Crime against tourists in Erongo a major concern

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-Crime against tourists is becoming a major concern on isolated gravel roads in the Erongo Region.