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Harders Cup turns out to be goal fest

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-The ongoing battle between the Namibian Boxing and Wrestling Control Board and Kinda Boxing stable has now become a police case after the Boxing promoter opened a case of theft against the Boxing Board

The World marks International Water day

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-As the world marks International Water day, Residents of Cape Town in South Africa have very little reason if any at all to celebrate.
The city has been struggling to cope with the devastating drought.

NAMA organisers hold workshop for nominated artists

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-The organisers of NAMAs 2017 held a mandatory nominee workshop with artists nominated for the Namibian Annual Music Awards scheduled to take place in April this year.
The organisers gave the nominees a brief overview of the event and tips on how nominees should enhance their personal brand at the event.

'Plastic Free' environment launched in Namibia

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-The City of Windhoek used to be renowned for its cleanliness among international cities. Now Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, has become the latest African city to receive the recognition for its spotlessness.

To curb HIV-TB co-infection rates, Namibia should continue to provide comprehensive services

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-Namibia should continue to provide comprehensive tuberculosis and HIV services to effectively eradicate TB and adequately treat HIV in the country.

Abnormally high sea temperatures results in flooding in Peru

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-Abnormally high sea temperatures have resulted in heavy rains and flooding in Peru, the worst the country has experienced in two decades.
This year, rains and floods have killed 70 people with more than 70 000 others left homeless.

Vocational education is important in country's development

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-Most people seem not to understand the importance of vocational education in the country's development.
Institutions providing vocational education are regarded as an alternative to those who do not perform well in the academic stream or have not secured admission to university.

Barbra Kavita assists young people in Walvis Bay

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-Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and gender.
This is true for Walvis Bay resident Barbra Kavita, who for over 10 years has taken in young people to assist them.

Young women more at risk in contracting HIV

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-Young women continue to risk contracting HIV from older men, for economic and cultural reasons.
Aggravating the situation, scores of young girls remain unaware of their positive status, for years.