Hardap Dam

Government urged to reconsider Hardap Dam 70% capacity moratorium

by editor1 / Feb 25, 2020 / 0 comments

-The chairperson of the Hardap Irrigation Farmers Union, Dawie de Klerk has called on the Government to reconsider a moratorium to keep the Hardap Dam at a 70% level of its capacity.

Agriculture Ministry says water situation in Hardap manageable after suspension of water supply

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-The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry assured the nation that the water situation in the Hardap Region is manageable, and it could get better if water-saving measures are adhered to.

Release of water from Hardap Dam offer lifeline to Hardap farmers

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-Farmers in the Hardap Region say the life span of their crops and lucerne has been extended by at least three weeks, thanks to the release of one million cubic litres of water from the Hardap Dam last week when it had an inflow of almost three million cubic litres.

Hardap Dam in dire need of water inflow

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-The Hardap Dam near Mariental is in dire need of more water inflow after it has only reached 18,9 million cubic metres, which constitutes 6,6%.

Hardap Dam level at 7,4% capacity

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-The Hardap Dam only has enough water to last until March next year, if it does not receive substantial inflows which have been scarce lately.

Hardap dam sluices open

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The sluices at the Hardap dam near Mariental have been opened this afternoon.