Locust infestation leaves a trail of destruction in Katima Rural Constituency

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-Swarms of locusts have invaded maize fields at Muhundu in Katima Rural Constituency over the past week leaving a trail of destruction.

Japan donates hospital equipment worth N$7,5 million to Katima State Hospital

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Unicef Namibia

-Japan has donated hospital equipment to the Katima Mulilo State Hospital, as part of that country's grant of about N$7,5 million to Namibia to improve the health and nutritional status of women and children.

Katima NFCPT shop generates over N$1m since March

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-The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) shop at Katima Mulilo has generated more than N$1 million since it opened its doors in March this year.

Katima Council reiterates call on Chotto water channel residents to relocate

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-The Katima Mulilo Town Council has reiterated its call on residents of Chotto water channel to relocate to their new plots.

Katima commissions servicing of land

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The Katima Mulilo Town Council has commissioned the servicing of land towards the development of extensions 23 and 24.

Katima Council starts road repairs

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-The Katima Mulilo Council started repairing the town's roads after recent heavy rains experienced in the area.

Environment Ministry advises Katima Town Council to relocate dump site

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-The Environment and Tourism Ministry has advised the Katima Mulilo Town Council to relocate its dump site.

PDM introduces its new name at Katima Mulilo

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-The Popular Democratic Movement of Namibia (PDM) has introduced its new name at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

Two die in Katima accident

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-Two people died in the early hours of Wednesday morning when the vehicle they were travelling in left the road and hit a house at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

Katima residents commemorate World Aids Day

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-Hundreds of residents of the Zambezi Region gathered at the Katima Mulilo Sports Complex to commemorate the 30th World AIDS Day on Friday.