Itula hangs 'spy' label on resigning members

Itula hangs 'spy' label on resigning members
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Leader of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), Panduleni Itula, has refused to acknowledge membership of those who resigned from the party, saying that they were sent by other political parties to spy.
Itula said this during the IPC star rally in Windhoek on Saturday.
He described IPC as the only political party that has managed to pull a large following within a short time since independence, thus inviting attacks from other political parties.
“They are trying and have gone to the extent of telling lies, even telling us that there are spies they sent to us. Now that they failed to detect anything they recall them and parade them as people who resigned from us. They were never part of us. Patriots don’t resign. Spies don’t defect from anywhere, you just go back having failed to succeed,” said Itula.
Itula further described IPC as an absolute formidable political force that will ensure that justice triumphs in the country.
“To protect the rights of Namibians to participate in political activities we needed to have an absolutely functional administration in our headquarters. Within three months we were able to establish a functional administration to ensure that nothing goes amiss, to ensure that every single member of the party gets their membership and to ensure that we have recruited sufficient agents to observe and to be agents during elections,” Itula said.
Last week the SWAPO announced the return of 12 former members of IPC who reportedly defected from IPC to re-join SWAPO.
Namibia heads to the polls in Regional Council and Local Authority Elections on Wednesday.