NC adopts prevention and combating of sea pollution bill

NC adopts prevention and combating of sea pollution bill
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Members of the National Council (NC) proposed more measures to prevent and combat sea pollution.
During a debate on the Prevention and Combating of Pollution of the Sea by Oil Amendment Bill in the house on Thursday, parliamentarians called for severe penalties for those found to pollute the ocean describing as a precious resource.
Kabbe South Constituency Councillor John Likando maintained sea pollution is irreparable and irreversible once it has occurred and therefore harsh fines should be given to the perpetrators.
Likando stressed that the new penalties as proposed in the amendment bill are too low and called for them to be increased.
She charged that most pollution offences are committed by large international companies who dump their waste materials especially oil materials in Namibian waters and should be punished severely.
The same call was made by Okankolo Councillor in the Oshikoto region Hans Nambondi saying Namibian ocean is a great source of economic activities, food security and job creation should, therefore, be guarded.
Nambondi welcomed the bill adding that Namibia needs to ensure that its water is clean and healthy and that time to do that is now before its too late.
The house then adopted the bill.