Outapi inaugurates second waste water treatment plant

Outapi inaugurates second waste water treatment plant
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Outapi Town Council

The town of Outapi in the Omusati Region has inaugurated its second treatment plant as the region works to improve wastewater management.
The plant has been inaugurated as some towns in northern Namibia have been battling overflows of sewerage water, which enter flood plains and contaminate natural water consumed by people and livestock.
The plant has been developed as part of the enhancement of ponds in Namibia (EPoNa) project the Outapi Town Council started with stakeholders.
The project upgrades stabilisation pond systems for sewerage water and explores re-use of sewerage water for irrigation of animal fodder.
Outapi town inaugurated its first pond in 2014 and hopes to turn wastewater into an economic resource.
Urban and Rural Development Minister Peya Mushelenga says Namibia being dry should invest in water re-use infrastructure and regard wastewater as a resource.
Omusati Governor Erginus Endjala says the region uses the latest wastewater re-use technology as its natural rivers start to dry up.