Photographer John Liebenberg has died

Photographer John Liebenberg has died
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John Liebenberg, one of the founding staff members and photographer at The Namibian, who captured Namibia's independence struggle and the suffering of the country's people, has died in South Africa.
He was 61.
Founding editor of The Namibian, Gwen Lister on Sunday tweeted, "he was responsible for some of the most iconic images of our country’s struggle against apartheid."
After Namibia's independence, Liebenberg moved to South Africa where he continued to work as a photographer.
His association with Namibia has, however, not ceased as he regularly returned to the country to exhibit his wealth of photographic history of Namibia.
Liebenberg did not have any fear for the brutal apartheid machinery and regularly went into the northern operational area to capture photos of how people were brutalised.
He was arrested on numerous occasions and his films confiscated but he always came back to tell the story, including with the films he was able to hide from the authorities.
On 1 April 1989 he was in the operational area where he was able to take pictures of People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) combatants in full operational gear, including taking photos of the mass grave in which some of the fallen fighters were dumped in despite a ceasefire that came into operation on that day.
Liebenberg could freely move among the freedom-loving people of Namibia and the would even hide him risking their own lives.