Omaheke Governor unhappy with treatment of farm workers

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-Governor of Omaheke Festus Ueitele is not happy with the way some farm owners in the area are treating their employees.

Omaheke CRO suspended with immediate effect on corruption claims

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-The Chief Regional Officer (CRO) of the Omaheke Regional Council, has been suspended with immediate effect pending an investigation into allegations of corruption, maladministration, and other irregularities.

Omaheke residents call for suspension, investigation of CRO

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-Some residents of Omaheke Region are calling for the suspension and investigation of the council's chief regional officer (CRO) Maria Vaendwanawa over alleged mismanagement of funds.

Omaheke residents protest alleged misappropriation of funds by regional council officials

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-Some concerned Residents in Omaheke took to the streets of Gobabis in protest against the alleged misappropriation of funds by the Regional Council and the Chief Regional Officer.

Government spends N$400 000 on drought relief in Omaheke

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Poor rainfall has led to an increase in veldfire outbreaks in the Omaheke Region.

Omaheke residents want land conference to tackle ancestral land rights

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Residents of Omaheke are calling for a national referendum to address issues such as ancestral land rights and past injustices on land ownership.

Dearth of San language teachers in Omaheke deprives learners of mother tongue teaching

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-A shortage of San language teachers in Omaheke Region has deprived thousands of San learners of the opportunity to be taught in their mother tongue.

Omaheke U-20 Football ready for the Namibian Newspaper Cup

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-The Omaheke regional under-20 football team finalised their preparation for this year's edition of the Namibian Newspaper at Gobabis over the weekend and are now ready to face the other teams.

Police investigate cattle theft case in Omaheke

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-This follows an allegation that an adult Namibian male suspect entered a farm in the Leonardville area, where he allegedly led cattle from a grazing area to another farm, using horses.

Omaheke Swapo members call for nullifying of the district and regional conference results

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-The sixth SWAPO Party Congress may proceed without delegates from the Omahake Region if the High Court application by some party members from the region succeeds.