Otjozondjupa ready to host Swapo’s 57th birthday celebrations

by editor1 / Apr 21, 2017 / 0 comments
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-Preparations are in full swing for the Swapo party’s 57th birthday celebrations at Otjiwarongo on Saturday.

Otjiwarongo informal settlement residents grow their own food

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-Residents living in informal settlements around Otjiwarongo are not sitting on their hands and waiting for government to provide.

Charity organisation opens community library in Otjiwarongo informal settlement

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-The founder of the Otjozondjupa Charity Organisation has opened a small corrugated zinc library structure in the town's informal settlement.

Rape suspect sought by Otjozondjupa NamPol now behind bars

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A rape suspect who was sought by the Namibian police in the Otjozondjupa region, is now behind bars.

Public no-show at PPP bill hearing in Otjiwarongo

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A public hearing on the Public-Private-Partnership Bill currently underway at Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa Region is poorly attended. The hearing is for the Select Committee to engage with affected members of the public on their views of the Bill.

NamPol strategic planning and crime prevention conference underway at Otjiwarongo

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A Namibian Police strategic planning and crime prevention conference is underway at Otjiwarongo.

56 year old murder accused denied bail at Otjiwarongo

by editor / Nov 16, 2016 / 0 comments

A 56-year-old man accused of murdering his 27 year old girlfriend at Orwetoveni residential area in Otjiwarongo was denied bail.

Otjozondjupa fraud suspects granted bail

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The 15 health officials linked to fraud involving 8,2 million dollars at the Health and Social Services Ministry in the Otjozondjupa Region, have been granted bail. The accused officials appeared before Otjiwarongo Regional Court Magistrate, Marilize du Plessis on Thursday.

Man accused of killing girlfriend pleads guilty

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A man accused of hacking his 28-year-old girlfriend with a panga at the Orwetoveni residential area of Otjiwarongo in Otjozondjupa region on Friday, has pleaded guilty to the murder. Forty-year-old Josia Shimwefeleni preferred to conduct his own defence, after his rights were explained to him this morning.

Otjiwarongo woman hacked to death

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The Otjiwarongo Community in the Otjozondjupa region are reeling in shock following the death of a 28-year-old woman who was hacked to death with a machete by her boyfriend on Friday evening.