Outjo municipality starts with water installation in informal settlements

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-The Outjo municipality has started with the installation of water in the informal settlements.

Outjo Mayor concerned about drug use, human trafficking

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-Outjo Mayor, Samuel !Oe-Amseb says the use of drugs and illicit trafficking at the town is a cause for concern and need to be addressed jointly by parents and the council.

Outjo residents demonstrate against jobs for struggle kids

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-A group of disgruntled youths took to the streets of Outjo in the Kunene Region, to demand the immediate halting of the employment of five struggle kids at the towns state hospital.

Outjo investor conference participants urged to take advantage of untapped opportunities

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-A two-day investment conference held at Outjo in the Kunene Region has called on investors to take advantage of untapped opportunities at the town.

UDF holds rally at Outjo

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-United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential candidate Apius !Auchab, at a rally at Outjo on Saturday, urged people to vote him into power to make unpopular changes to better the lives of the people and the country at large.

Mushrooming of shebeens a concern at Outjo

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-Some Outjo residents on Thursday expressed their frustration with the fast increasing number of shebeens in the informal settlements at the town.

18-year-old murder suspect remanded in police custody at Outjo

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-The 18-year-old murder suspect Aldes Abet Ai-aseb has been remanded in police custody at Outjo when he made his first court appearance.

Two suspects appear on charges of rhino horn theft in Outjo

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-Two suspects made their first court appearance in the Outjo Magistrate's Court on charges of theft of 34 rhino horns from a hunting game farm outside the town.

Outjo Secondary School hall renovated

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-After being in a deplorable state for more than 20 years, the Association of Former Learners of the Outjo Secondary School renovated the hall at a cost of about N$70 000.

Outjo Police arrest five suspects with cannabis worth N$184 000

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-The Outjo Police have arrested five suspects who were found with cannabis worth N$184 000 on Tuesday night.