COVID-19 leads to temporary Paralympic qualifiers cancellation

COVID-19 leads to temporary Paralympic qualifiers cancellation
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The South African Sport Association's People with Disability's National Championship and Grand Prix, which was set up to serve as a paralympic qualifier for Tokyo 2020, has been cancelled until further notice.
Secretary-General of the Namibia Paralympic Committee, Michael Hamukwaya revealed this in an exclusive interview with the Nbc.
Just like the majority of sports activities around the globe, a Paralympic qualifier in South Africa has also been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Namibian Paralympic athletes were supposed to travel to South Africa the past weekend for the SASAPD games.
According to Hamukwaya, this event has however been cancelled.
"The most important event that has been cancelled is the SASAPD which supposed to be the past weekend in SA Port Elizabeth. We are really affected, that was one of our main and important qualifying event for the World Paralympic games" Hamukwaya said.
Another event also affected is the national Grand Prix which was organised by Athletic Namibia.
"Our athletes could also qualify at the
Grand Prix on the 27 of March and also at the Nationals which was also on the 5th of April, but all those events are cancelled and our athlete have no way to qualify to make the standard for the Olympic games at the moment"he added.
Hamukwaya's hope is that the virus can be controlled within a few months, so that the events can take place eventually.