Football in Crisis: Mbidi

Football in Crisis: Mbidi
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Namibia Football Association President Frans Mbidi says the future of International football in Namibia is in jeopardy, if the Namibia Premier League fails to secure the much-needed funds for this season’s kick-off.

In a recent interview with NBC sport, the man at the helm of the country’s football association said the national soccer team will suffer most because young talent is identified during the premier league games.

He reiterated that the collapse of the country’s premier league can’t be shrugged off as it also provides an opportunity to young players from all over the country to be selected to the national team.

Mbidi said football enables Namibia to be represented at a world stage but highlighted that it affects individual athletes more because their salaries have now been cut off without a warning.
“ it’s a very sad story that we cannot kick-start the league. We are trying every day to make sure that we get the premiere league up and running. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the necessary funding.” Said Mbidi.

Currently, the country’s football governing body is contemplating not to partakein international events until the league is ready to kick-off.

But what does this mean for the football fraternity and athletes at large?

“ Without this league we cannot compete competitively and these players at this level can also not play in the first division, that you are devaluing the product. We have been climbing the ladder in FIFA rankings because of the activities in the premier league. Now those activities will be put on hold and we don’t want to be the weeping boys of other countries on the continent.” Concluded Mbidi.

The future of Namibian football for now remains uncertain.