Hamunyela to stay amatuer for now

Hamunyela to stay amatuer for now
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By Katrina Gowases
Namibian Olympic Boxer Matias Hamunyela says he is not ready to turn professional, despite mounting pressure from some promoters.

Life has returned to normal for Matias Hamunyela after taking part in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where he made his international debut last month.

Hamunyela won his first bout in the Light Flyweight category against Azerbaijan's Rufat Huseynov on points ,but went down to Birzhan Zhakypov from Kazakhstan in his second fight.

“It was proper. It was my first time to fight those European countries. It's a good experience to me to fight those European boxers and I learned more from them.”
The boxer, who is from Epuku village in the Ohangwena region, started his boxing career in 2012 at the Oshakati Boxing Club and is currently residing in the Ombili informal resettlement on the outskirts of Windhoek.
Here, the 23-year-old spends most of his time with his family.

Despite the fact that his parents are no longer alive, his family has been of great support to him.

Hamunyela, who is unemployed, says although he is facing many challenges, he is taking them on like a true boxer - with vigor.

He is, however, aiming to become a businessman in the near future.

But first, he wants to contact the AIBA Pro Boxing Commission, which will pave the way for him to fight at African, Commonwealth and Olympic level.

“I don't want to rush for professional now because as some people just want to rush for professional , but they are not going to do something there. “

“They just going to build people's records and for me now I just want to learn more so that I become a world champion one day in life, that's what I want.”

Hamunyela's cousin Johanna Shiimi, who stays with him in Ombili, only has praise for the young and aspirant boxer.

Hamunyela reminded young boxers to work hard and be determined in what they do, so that it eventually pays off.