//Kharas and Northern Province sign twinning agreement

 //Kharas and Northern Province sign twinning agreement
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Beatus Kasete, the Chief Regional Officer in the //Kharas regional council, has called for more sport codes to be added to a twining agreement between his council and the Northern Province from South Africa.
Kasete made the remarks at the 2019 //Kharas and Northern Cape sport summit that took place at Keetmanshoop recently.
The summit, which was attended by sport administrators from the Namibia and South Africa, forms part of the social stream under the twinning agreement.
“Share with us what we can do and how we can introduce some of these new sports codes. We hear the song every day that currently we don't have the funds, but for sport there is no excuse. We need to find a way to finance our sport activities” Kasete said.
On his part, the agreement coordinator, James Mapanka, reiterated the importance of sport as a means to bring people together.
“Education is considered incomplete without sport, because a child in sport is a child out of court. That is the slogan of the Northern Cape Department “ Mapanka said.
Monte Engelbrecht, the Chairman of Namakwa Sport Council, at the same occasion urged schools to encourage leaners to participate in sport from an early age.
“Learners participating in schools, progress to provisional school teams, from provisional school teams they progress to clubs, from clubs ultimately. They go to provisional federations, provisional federations forms part of the national federations. If an athlete land up in the national federations obviously he will represent the country on the international front” Engelbrecht said.
The two-day sport summit concluded that an integrated plan should be developed, which will enable sport clubs to share experiences that will strengthen their activities through coaching clinics that will mutually benefit both countries.