Young Gymnast receives three sponsorships

 Young Gymnast receives three sponsorships
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12-year-old Stefanie Katusuva has been awarded not one but three sponsorships in Windhoek. The young gymnast recently moved from the North to the capital.
Self-taught gymnast Stefanie Katusuva has been awarded different sponsorships from SKW, Windhoek Gymnasium and the Namibia Athletics Commission.
The Managing director of Windhoek Gymnasium Colette Rieckert during a recent event assured Katusuva' s mother that her daughter is in good hands and that her school and hostel are fully funded.
“It is just a privileged to have such talented young person that we can mould on how to become a beautiful young women and to real excel in sports” Rieckert said.
SKW will provide training to Katusuva in all her gymnastic endeavours.
The chairperson of the Namibia Athletics Commission Gaby Ahrens informed Katusuva that she was also added to the list of 2024 Olympic qualifiers to Senegal and will be funded by the Olympics Committee through the solidarity fund.
“The Olympic committee has added you to the athlete support grant funded by Olympic solidarity fund towards the Olympic youth games which will be held for the first time in African soil in Senegal, Dakar”Ahrens said.
Also speaking at the event the Namibia Sport Commission Chairperson Joel Mathews noted that Katusuva has proven that leaders are relaxed in identifying talents.
“We must make sure that we expose and we search out that talent in the regions. This is a very simple case of proving to us that probably as sport leaders we are not doing enough to penetrate to dig that talents out “ Mathews added.
Young Katusuva also attained more other sponsorship through the Namibia Gymnastic Federation.