Education Minister calls on staff to redouble service delivery efforts

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-The Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Ester Nghipondoka has called on all staff in the ministry to redouble their efforts to improve service delivery.

Urban-rural divide impacts learning and teaching in //Kharas, Zambezi regions

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- //Hawebahe Hoeseb, Education Director of //Kharas said all 46 public schools in the region have computers and access to internet facilities but network speed in some areas are slow.

Connectivity hampers Omaheke, Hardap E-learning

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-Gerhard Ndafenongo, the Hardap Director of Education said 80% of the region's schools are in rural areas, and some do not have connectivity at all.

NAMCOL E-learning materials available for everyone

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-NAMCOL’s Programmes and Material Development Deputy Director Jan Nitschke says besides radio and television, NAMCOL has an online platform for learners to learn from.

Education Director Kapapero calls on school management to ensure safety of teachers

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-Kavango East Education Director Fanuel Kapapero has called on the management of schools in the region to ensure the availability of hand sanitisers, masks and clean water before teachers return to schools on Monday.

Higher Education fraternity discourages calls for students to boycott online learning

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-The Higher Education fraternity has discouraged calls for students to boycott and withdraw from the online learning system.

Ministry considers solutions for challenges hampering quality education delivery

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-The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture said it is working hard to finding solutions to the challenges that hamper the delivery of quality education, over the COVID-19 period.

Education Ministry engages media on plans to implement electronic learning

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-The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture is engaging the media on how to implement E-Learning when teaching starts on 20 April.

Global crisis in Education shows stakeholders a glimpse of education in future

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-The global crisis in teaching and learning is giving stakeholders in education a glimpse of what the future might look like.

NANSO commits itself to support Government to normalise teaching process

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-The Namibia National Students Organisation (NANSO) has committed itself to support the government in its efforts to normalise the teaching and learning process from home as long as any decision is taken is in the best interest of the learners and students.