Dr Itula launches political party

Dr Itula launches political party
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Dr Panduleni Itula, who contested the 2019 Presidential Elections as an independent candidate, on Friday launched a political party called the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC).
The launch took place at a local hotel in Windhoek where party members from all 14 regions are gathered for a founding national convention to elect the party’s national executive committee leaders.
It will run until Sunday.
During the launch, Itula explained that the party is formed to fight for social injustice for Namibians and fight corruption, which has left many Namibians live in deplorable conditions and in poverty.
'We are here to establish ourselves as independent patriots for a single reason, and that is change. To change in the direction that our people want. It will be difficult to build a future of a truly free Namibia from all social injustice if you are not in power," said Itula.
He said members of his party, supporters and sympathisers will be known as patriots because they are patriotic to their country, its resources and to one another.
Therefore, they should remember that every single generation has got factors that contribute to their rise to the horizons to defeat the evils among them and the evils in their society, which is the desire-driven by patriotism, Itula noted.
He urged party members not to try and tarnish the images, personalities and belittle other people, be it politicians or anyone else for the wrong they have done and continue to do to the Namibian people. Because the movement should have principled cadres that will truly fight for the benefit of Namibian people.