Exporting of unprocessed or semi processed timber prohibited

Exporting of unprocessed or semi processed timber prohibited
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The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism will issue permits to transport already harvested timber for the local market. However, Minister Pohamba Shifeta made it clear that no export permits would be issued for unprocessed or semi processed timber.
In addition to the lifting of the local timber ban, Shifeta also stated that harvesting activities of new timber will not be permitted.
Shifeta said, "until we are satisfied that harvested timber is dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and the said regulations, new timber harvesting activities will remain prohibited. The conditions are aimed at promoting the sustainable utilisation of our timber and forest resources as well as stimulating lasting and sustainable economic growth and employment creation in the country."
Shifeta said there is need to manage and utilise the country's natural woodlands and savannahs sustainably to benefit all.
"The harvesting of forest produce in Namibia must directly support the national objectives of poverty reduction, employment creation, economic empowerment and enhancing environmental and ecological sustainability. To achieve this, value addition of our timber into finished or semi-finished products is essential. We call upon possible investors to take up opportunities in wood processing to feed the local market," said Shifeta.
He also called on processors to buy locally-produced timber instead of importing it.
This, Shifeta said, will help develop and grow the local industry as well as create jobs and economic opportunities.