Former Robben Island prisoner Justus Shiimbashike Haita buried at Eenhana Shrine

Former Robben Island prisoner Justus Shiimbashike Haita buried at Eenhana Shrine
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Namibia Defence Force

Former Robben Island prisoner, retired Colonel Justus Shiimbashike Haita was buried at Eenhana Memorial Shrine on Saturday. Aged 76, Haita died at Omuthiya District Hospital on 28 July.
Haita was among the first people to be recruited in the than South West Africa Liberation Army (SWALA), which was later renamed the People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN).
After the attack at Omungulugwombashe by South African apartheid forces, on 28 August 1966, Haita, together with his comrades, regrouped and launched attacks on the enermy's installations, such as Oshikango Police station and administrative buildings.
Alongside the late Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, and others, the retired colonel was arrested and sent to a jail term of 17 years on Robben Island, after they were charged and found guilty of contravening terrorism laws.
Founding President Sam Nujoma as well as Former President Hifikepunye Pohamba bade farewell to Haita, describing him as one of selfless men who sacrificed their lives to free Namibia from colonial oppression.
"The late retired Colonel Justus Shiimbashike ya Heita will be missed but what he stood for will never be forgotten. It is now our solemn responsibility to strive together to build the future destiny of our country to which he dedicated his life. Let us honour his courage and his sacrifices by upholding the principles and ethical values of self sacrifice, unwavering spirit and boundless humanity as he did for those who are suffering," said Nujoma.
The freedom fighter is survived by his wife Saima Nathanael and two children.