High speed chase near Rehoboth

High speed chase near Rehoboth
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A high-speed chase by the Namibian Police ensued on Sunday afternoon after a Toyota Corolla sedan with four male occupants failed to adhere to police orders to stop.
The incident occurred on the B1 national road between the Oamites Army Base and Rehoboth in the Hardap Region.
A police officer, who only identified himself as Warrant Officer Tjitombo, said he observed the white Corolla, with registration number N77214W, swerve from side to side on the road some 30-kilometres before Rehoboth.
He said the swerving was so extreme that some cars travelling on the same road had to drive off the road to avoid a possible head-on collision.
The officer managed to stop the car in front of the Rehoboth shopping complex.
He said the driver averted a possible head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle by the skin of his teeth in front of that complex.
Traffic officers were summoned and a breath test found that the alcohol in the driver's blood was above the legal limit.
The rowdy driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and issued a fine of one-thousand dollars for driving without a driver's license.
The license disc of the Corolla expired in August 2012.
The driver was expected to appear in court on Monday.