Human-wildlife conflict in Kavango West worsens

Human-wildlife conflict in Kavango West worsens
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Human-wildlife conflict involving elephants, is increasing in the Mukwe Constituency of the Kavango East Region.
The elephants have been frequenting the Shadikongoro Green Scheme project on a daily basis since last week.
Manager Danie Marais says small-scale farmers are the only ones affected so far.
Marais fears that the commercial part of the farm could also be affected soon.
He believes that the elephants could be deterred from using the route as it is a new corridor.
The Vice-Chairperson of the aggrieved small-scale farmers, Johannes Katoyima, has described the situation as worrisome.
Katoyima notes that huge investments go into production costs, which they cannot afford to lose as small farmers.
The elephants are believed to have come from neighbouring Angola as they were sighted across the river before they started roaming the area.
The farmers are a component of the Green Scheme projects run by the Agriculture, Water and Forestry Ministry.
Katoyima says they are expected to pay for ploughing and irrigation services, fertilizers and insecticides after each harvest.
The farmers have six hectares each for a period of five years after undergoing training in farm management.