Kaunda to be discharged from hospital

Kaunda to be discharged from hospital
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Former Zambian President, Kenneth Kaunda was admitted to a University teaching hospital in Lusaka to be treated for a minor ailment. He was rehydrated and judged well enough to be discharged.
According to Amos Chanda, the Press Aide to the President, Kaunda will remain in hospital to undergo further examinations, in addition to his on-going Pneumonia treatment.
Kaunda is expected to be discharged soon.
Doctors have described his condition as 'fragile', contrary to government's position that he is suffering a 'minor' illness.
Kaunda led Zambia since its independence from British rule in 1964 until 1991.
Zambia was a one-party state for much of that time, though Kaunda eventually yielded to pressure, holding a multi-party vote, and peacefully left office when he lost.
Zambia's democratic record after Kaunda is widely praised as an African model.