Learners claim they learn more from social media than from the classroom.

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Learners at secondary schools at Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Luderitz say they learn more from social media, the Internet and socialising than from the classroom.
The learners were speaking to Nampa on the sidelines of the third annual Namibian Ports Authority Schools Exhibition.
Nine secondary schools from the two costal towns and one from Luderitz are this year competing for the 50 000 dollars price money.
The learners said most of the information used to compile presentations for the competition came from the Internet, Facebook, newspapers and television with little from the classrooms.
They, however, acknowledge that classroom education is needed for them to experience the proper explanation of subject topics and for them to have a better understanding.
The Grade Eight and Nine pupils were tasked to create an exhibition depicting their interpretation of the theme.
The Economic Impact the Maritime Industry has had on Trade in Namibia from 1994 to 2016.
Many groups of five to six learners created three-dimensional models of the Walvis Bay Port and its different sections.
The groups said they found all the information used in their models through digital media and not the classroom.