NamPol requests owners to identify vehicles at Trans Kalahari Border Post

NamPol requests owners of vehicles at Trans Kalahari Border Post to identify them

The Namibian Police Force is requesting the owners of two vehicles that were left abandoned at the Trans Kalahari Border Post in the Omaheke Region, to come forward and identify them.
NamPol issued a report on Friday, saying the vehicles were impounded in the border's no-man's area by the police and are being kept at the Gobabis Police Station.
The vehicles are a Nissan 1400 and a Lada Niva 4-by-4.
The police has been unable to confirm ownership of the impounded vehicles, therefor the owners must come forth with valid and authentic documentation to identify the vehicles.
The Police say failure of the owners to heed to the request will lead to the vehicles being forfeited to the state, in terms of section 10 of the Motor Vehicle Theft Act of 1999.