Nkurenkuru Combined School learners sit on the floor due to lack of desks, chairs

Nkurenkuru Combined School learners sit on the floor due to lack of desks, chairs
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Grade 10 learners at Nkurenkuru Combined School are forced to sit on the floor of their classrooms because of a lack of desks and chairs.
The Grade 11 history class at the school is taught under a tree.
The principal of the school, Frans Ngoma, told NAMPA on Thursday the school faces a number of challenges. Besides the shortage of desks and chairs, they also need more teachers, classrooms and an administration block.
“In 2018, the school received a block of four classrooms but upon completion, no chairs and desks were provided,” Ngoma said.
He explained that the block of classrooms was built because of the introduction of the new curriculum. The four classrooms are used by the Grade 10 learners.
Nkurenkuru Combined School has 1 300 learners in Grades 4 to 11, but registration will continue until 4 February 2020.
A Grade 10 learner who NAMPA spoke to on Thursday, 15-year-old Annalisa Simbaranda, said she does not understand how learners are expected to perform well if they have to sit on the floor.
Johanna Sitentu, 17, said she walks seven kilometres to school every day, only to have to sit on the hard floor while she is already exhausted from walking the long distance from Maporeza village.
A teacher at the school, who did not want to be named, said the classroom environment is not conducive to learning or teaching – especially in the case of the learners who are being taught under a tree.
“The situation needs urgent attention as there is not even a chalkboard to write on and the rain sometimes disturbs us,” he said.
The Director of Education in the Kavango West Region, Teopolina Hamutumwa, said there was no budgetary provision in this financial year to buy furniture.
“If funds become available we will cater for this. But for now, this is the reality on the ground. Last year we also had close to 1 000 broken pieces of furniture repaired. However this was not enough as many schools in the region face the same problem,” Hamutumwa said.