Second Harambee Prosperity Plan to be launched next year - Geingob

Second Harambee Prosperity Plan to be launched next year - Geingob
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Namibian Presidency

The second phase of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) will be launched in February next year, President Hage Geingob has said.
Geingob while addressing the last cabinet meeting on Tuesday said the second phase will focus on creating a strong Economic Recovery Programme.
“Let me remind you that as stated in the Cabinet Handbook, the success in administering and executing the functions of Government depends on the work of the Cabinet and the support staff. With this in mind, I trust that as we enter the new year, you, together with your ministerial staff, will be able to deliver on the actions outlined in the second Harambee Prosperity Plan,” Geingob said.
He added that one way to revive the economy is by creating jobs for young people in the critical sectors, which include the present-day green and blue economies.
“We must deliver better services to our people. These are vital undertakings. Our success depends on our ability to work harder and smarter in unison and not in silos,” Geingob stressed further.
The HPP is the brainchild of President Geingob and was launched in 2015 when he took office.
In August this year, a progress report highlighting the achievements and challenges experienced during the first phase of the HPP was launched.
One of the achievements highlighted in the report, available on the Presidency website, is the food bank programme to address hunger poverty.
During the period under review, the food bank was rolled out to all 14 regions, benefiting a total number of 10 156 households or 42 081 individuals.
The report noted that the delivery of serviced land, housing, and sanitation has progressed in line with the targets set over the term and: “While the bucket toilet system was not entirely eliminated by the end of the period envisaged, the execution rate of 74% gives us optimism that we can eradicate the bucket toilet system in the next few years,” it reads.