Store emergency contacts in phone

 Mobile phone users urged to store emergency contact numbers
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Emergency rescuers are urging mobile phone users to store In Case of Emergency, better known as "ICE" numbers in their devices.
The ICE number or numbers should be the number of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency.
The Managing Director of E-Med Rescue 24 Namibia says listing ICE will allow a timely response to emergency situations and for ambulance and hospital staff to quickly contact the victim's next-of-kin.
In his many years of experience, Eddie Bezuidenhout has found that most people do not have ICE numbers although many of them carry cell phones.
He says listing the ICE numbers can save valuable time and can help medical personnel contact someone who can give them information in case a patient is unable to communicate during a medical emergency.
For people with pre-existing medical conditions and allergies, in particular, keeping the ICE emergency contact information close at hand could help save a life.
For those whose mobile phones are protected by a password, an ICE sticker should be stuck at the back of the phone with up-to-date information.