Teen saves four from drowning

Teen saves four from drowing

Phala! Gaoseb, a 15 year old saved four boys from drowning in the sea at Henties Bay on Wednesday.
The boys are between the ages of 6 and 10 years.
!Gaoseb, who's on holiday, was taking a nap at the beach when he heard boys screaming for help.
Without hesitation, the brave teenager jumped in and started pulling out the boys one by one.
However it was too late for the fifth boy, ten-year-old Delwin Nanubeb, whom !Gaoseb was unable to save and he drowned.
Nanubeb's body is still missing and police are searching for it.
The teen is devastated that he was unable to save the ten-year-old.
!Gaoseb is a grade 8 learner at Welwitchia Junior Secondary School in Khorixas and he learned how to swim in Fransfontein.
He says his father had always encouraged him to swim daily and he became good at it.
He urges all Namibians to help others that are in need.