Coastal Motorsport gets a new lease of life

Coastal Motorsport gets a new lease of life
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Namibian motorsport fans can finally look forward to some action again, after most sporting events at the coast and elsewhere in Namibia had to be cancelled in recent months due to COVID-19.
Although the current situation continues to be difficult, it is not all doom and gloom for motorsport fans across Namibia, as motorsport clubs outside the towns of Swakopmund and Walvisbay are gearing up to host some action.
The annual Swakopmund Rally was initially planned for next month, but due to the current lockdown in Swakop and Walvisbay, the event will no longer be held.
Jan Everson from the Walvisbay Motor sport club said that proposals were sent to the Namibia Sports Commission for COVID-19 protocol approval, and if people are allowed to travel, the Redline Motor Club is planning to host a rally in Omaruru on the 22nd of August instead.
The other rally that is already being planned is set for October, either in Swakopmund or in Walvisbay.
The 2020 Tara rally that is supposed to take place in November, starting in Swakopmund and ending in Windhoek will not happen this year as an alternative two-day rally is planned for that time, to be hosted by the Walvisbay Motorsport Club.
“We first need to get the approval from the national Sports Commission on the new rules that they want us to implement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are not sure whether we are going to be able to comply by these rules, but we are going to try to work hand in hand with the Namibia Motorsport Federation to see whether we are going to get approval or to get all the measures in place to be able to host these events” said Jan Everson from Walvisbay Motorsport Club.
The upcoming events will form part of the five National Championships that are held annually in the country.