First-ever wheelchair basketball training underway in Windhoek

First-ever wheelchair basketball training underway in Windhoek
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The founder of "Enabled not disabled" - UK citizen Ryan Raghoo - has joined forces with the Namibia Paralympic Committee and is currently in Namibia to give the first-ever International training camp for Wheelchair Basketball in Windhoek.
Three regions - namely Khomas, Ohangwena, and Oshana - will benefit from the first-ever international wheelchair basketball training camp in Namibia, which started yesterday with more than thirty wheelchair-bound basketball players in Windhoek.
The training camp aims to develop Wheelchair Basketball in the country to compete with other Paralympic players.
“I got a letter from a different country, but Namibia was a country that was often forgotten about with the very small population not a lot of resources, so I wanted to give my time so somebody that will really benefit from me and my time” Raghoo said.
Some of the participating Wheelchair basketball players from Khams and Ohangwena could not share their excitement.
“I know it will change my life. It's really helped me, because it even keeps my mind busy” Maria Jona said.
“It is a very good milestone that we have reached and it means there is a bright future for Basketball Namibia” Mitch De Waldt
Raghoo who is positive about the training said he has already seen some potential players and thus has confidence that they will pick up additional skills.
The players are being coached twice a day and the camp will end on the 16th of August.