German Basketball expert trains coaches in Windhoek

 German Basketball expert trains coaches in Windhoek
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Recently, the Namibian Basketball School League hosted a one-day course which was conducted by Frank Albin - a Basketball expert from Germany.
The course was given at the DHPS basketball hall in Windhoek.
More than 40 coaches from different regions were invited to attend a one-day basketball course in Windhoek. Among the trainers was the Namibia Basketball Director and National Coach Manuel Carballo.
Among others, the aim was to attract girls to play basketball and to introduce basketball programmes to learners, referees and teachers.
Instructor Frank Albin, who visited Namibia several times in the past already, said Namibians are ready to implement and exercise what he has been teaching.
Albin said ”It is important to have a system in place and structure that means those coaches receive the licences now that they get further training in future. The same with the referees, there must be a system in place. The NBA is working on it, but it is still a long way to go. I'm very optimistic that with the community people involve a lot will be achieved”
NBC also spoke to participants who attended the course.
”I have learned a lot and it inspired me. Now I'm curious I want to learn more about Basketball” Natalia Kheibes said.
”The course is useful, because you learn things that you didn't know before such as technical of Basketball” Selvasius Goumh said.
Those who attended the workshop will receive a certificate and equipment. Also among the participants was national coach Manuel Carballo.
“It is good to have this on regular basis to encourage more coaches to be able to educate them. They can go back and educate children in their regions. You know the future of our national team lies with the coaches, so they need the right training”Carballo said
Albin will travel to Ongwediva this week to give a similar course for Basketball players