Iithete calls on equal support for different sport codes

By: Ndapanda Shuuya

The Deputy Minister of Finance and former Karateka Natangwe Iithite has called on Namibians to embrace and support different sport codes especially those that remain in the shadows of Soccer and Netball in the country.
Over 100-Karatekas from all corners of the country competed in Kata and Kumite during the annual Karate Championships held in Ongwediva over the weekend.
Speaking at the official opening of the competition the Minister says different sport codes in the country should start enjoying the limelight so that they can become popular amongst Athletes as well as spectators.
Iithete also used the opportunity to call on fathers to start being more supportive of their children when they participate in sporting events saying it makes the children happy and they feel loved.
“Us men we don’t really come and support our children. When we look at the hall today, the majority of people here are women supporting out children and this is not a good example. Us men we need to come out in numbers and support our children and different types of sport activities.”
Iithete says the art of Karate is undoubtedly one of the best in the country as it allows Athletes to safely showcase their skills without having to break a sweat in the gym.
He says Karate is perceived as a fighting and unsafe sport as depicted in the movies saying it is the exact opposite.
“When we talk about Karate most of us only know karate from movies when watching Bruce-Lee, Chuck Norris and of most of the time is about fighting. Karate is not about fighting so I am calling on parents to bring more children to come to the clubs and join Karate because it teaches people to be disciplined and to focus. Kids are not taught to fight anybody, they are taught to have self-discipline and to defend themselves.”