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The ongoing saga between the Namibia Boxing and Wrestling Control Board has taken a new twist, with the board claiming that Kinda Nangolo has been economical with the truth. Nangolo recently opened a police case against the board for allegedly not paying boxers belonging to his stable.

The debacle started to unfold on the fourth of March 2017 when Kinda Boxing hosted a boxing bonanza and his boxers were not paid on time. Phillip Mwandingi, who is responsible for finance matters at the board, said that Kinda had made the payment for the sanctioning of the fight without the Board’s knowledge.

“When Kinda deposited his money; it was in December and the board was not aware of it. But we informed Kinda that the purse monies would not be enough because our monthly grants had not come in," Mwandingi explained.
Documents in NBC’s possession prove that part of the monies was directly deducted for rent and other logistics at the board, leaving a balance of roughly N$ 88 000 in the bank - enough to have paid Nangolo's dues. Mwandingi, however, maintains that even if there were sufficient funds, it would not have been given to Nangolo because he owes money to Gottlieb Ndokosho, who lost his IBF International Featherweight belt to South Africa’s Oscar Chauke at Oflufuko in 2015. Ndokosho complained to the board that money owed to him was not paid and Mwandingi says that Ndokosho will be primary in the case.

“Kinda owes Ndokosho money and we as a board need to take care of the boxers' needs first," he explained.

Meanwhile, Nangolo has opened a case of theft. A docket with the number CR 407/03/2017 was opened at the Windhoek Central Police station. With the outstanding money not yet available to the board, this case could lead to a further troubled relationship between the two parties.
So far, the Board has paid out N$68 700 to boxers involved in Kinda Nangolo's most recent event. They still owe boxers and officials N$12 200, while N$20 600 that was intended as a refund to Nangolo will now be given to Ndokosho to settle outstanding amounts.