P.A.Y centre resumes activity amid Covid-19

P.A.Y centre resumes activity amid Covid-19
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Physically Active Youth

The Physically Active Youth Centre in Windhoek, which was closed due to COVID-19, has opened its doors once again for grade 11 and 12 learners.
The Physical Active Youth Centre caters for less privileged school-going kids in Katutura, assisting them with homework, while practising sport activities at the same time.
Many of them are regulars at the institution, doing their homework and engaging in sport activities.
As a precaution, all learners visiting the centre have their hands sanitized, while their temperature is also checked regularly.
Project Manager at P.A.Y. Thuba Sibanda outlined their activities
” We decided when went in lockdown that we are not going be silent. We will remain present for them throughout that period. We got a lot of positive response from those who are grateful for that program. We will continue with the virtual learning as we set up WhatsApp groups to continue engaging them. Every time we deliver food parcels to them we also leave worksheet for them” Sibanda said.
As primary schools are expected to resume next week, student numbers might increase, and as such the Centre can only accommodate a 50 students as per the State of Emergency guidelines.