Rukoro wants the Government to pass strict laws to corporate companies

The Namibia Football Association’s Secretary General, Berry Rukoro, wants the government to give more attention to sport funding.
Rukoro is of the opinion that sport in general is not getting the support it deserves when comes to budgeting.
According to him, it’s high time that lawmakers take sport seriously and implement policies, to make sure that corporate companies invest in sports development.
“Parliament must take a second look and motivate the companies to invest more money into sport and maybe save the government dollars for education, drought and health. This is done in other countries too. We can just go and see how it’s being done. It will force corporate companies to invest in sport. At the moment we don’t have laws to force companies to invest. We just rely on their mercy” said Rukoro
The NFA leader also urged other corporate companies to come on board and sponsor the national league, which has been given an ultimatum to get additional funding, or risk losing MTC as a main sponsor altogether.
“Where are the other companies taking their money to? The sad part is that they invest that money in sport - but in other countries where they hail from. All these institutions - you can name them - they sponsor sport in South Africa,”added Rukoro.
The Sports Commission had submitted a budget of N$179 million to cater to all the sports codes in the country, but the ministry only provided N$38.6 million for this financial year.