Swakopmund jobseekers criticise D&M Rail for tribe-based recruitment

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-D&M Rail Road Construction at Swakopmund is under pressure over its employment selection process, which is based on allocating a quota to each tribe.

Body of a man found floating in the sea near Platz-am-Meer in Swakopmund

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-A body of a man was found floating in the sea, near Platz-am-Meer shopping mall in Swakopmund.

Man arrested for possession of elephant tusks at Swakopmund

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-A 69-year-old male suspect was arrested on Saturday after he was allegedly found with five pieces of elephant tusks during a police search at Swakopmund.

Swakopmund Food Festival provides relief for food vendors

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-The just-ended Swakopmund Food Festival provided a sigh of relief for food vendors at the coast, who saw most of their festivals and expos cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Swakopmund's youngest councillor promises to ensure equal rights for all residents

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-Swakopmund's youngest councillor Matthias Heinrichsen says his tenure in the council will be about ensuring equal rights for all residents no matter their ethnicity or race.

Swakopmund tracking station used in monitoring and communicating with Chinese spacecraft on lunar mission

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-Namibia, along with European Space Agency, Argentina and Pakistan, cooperated with China in monitoring and communicating with its spacecraft which successfully returned from its lunar mission this week.

Soldier arrested in connection with murder of Swakopmund woman

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-A 26-year-old man was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of Swakopmund woman, Jennifer Daniel. Petrus Nghidimbwasha was denied bail in the Walvis Bay Magistrate's Court and his case postponed to 1 March next year.

Body washes up on a beach near Swakopmund

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-The body of one of the two men in the drowning incident on Wednesday morning washed up on a beach near Swakopmund and was positively identified as Angolan national Ndeyamunhe Ndeutapo.
He was 40 years old.

Search for two men who fell from a fishing boat near Swakopmund continues

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-The search for two men who are believed to have drowned yesterday morning after falling from a fishing boat continues in Swakopmund.

IPC candidate promises to formalise informal settlements in Swakopmund

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-A candidate for Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) contesting the Swakopmund constituency election, Ciske Smith Howard has promised to formalise informal settlements while ensuring that businesses at the town get tender preferences.