Foundation urges acceptance of single parents by society

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Society need not to isolate single parents but should help them cope with the daunting task of raising children on their own.

Namibia Employers Federation advocates for safe working environment

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A safe working environment creates a happy worker for improved productivity not only for the company, but the country. This is the message being shared by the Namibia Employers Federation (NEF).

Crime at Kanaan informal settlement worrying

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Criminal activities in the Omaheke Region are on the increase and beyond the control of the police at Kanaan informal settlement.

Bucket system frustrates Usakos residents

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A group of residents in some Usakos townships have expressed their dismay and frustration over using buckets to relieve themselves.

Six teenagers arrested in Kuisebmond for allegedly stealing a taxi

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Six teenagers were arrested in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay, on Sunday for allegedly stealing a taxi. NamPol's Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Co-ordinator says the teenagers used an unknown object to break into the taxi and drove it away, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Armed robbery, attempted murder suspect escapes in Omaruru

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An armed robbery and attempted murder suspect has escaped police custody in Omaruru. The police say Johannes Immanuel was kept with other inmates, before his escape on Saturday.

De Sousa shines at Athletics Championships

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Up close and personal with Rehoboth's snake charmer Mario 'Beast Master' Gutteres

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Snakes play an important role in the ecosystem and should not be killed in instances where people feel threatened.

Office of the President pronounces itself on NEEEF media reports

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-The Office of the President has pronounced itself on reports in the media, regarding the pending 'New Equitable Economic Empowerment Framework' or NEEEF.

People living with disabilities prove that disability does not mean inability

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A group of people living with disabilities are proving that disability' does not mean 'inability'.