Mission- To be the leading Radio Station in Namibia and abroad

Vision- To develop Kati FM as a vibrant Radio Station that educates informs and
entertains its listeners by providing high quality programs that are pro-active,
innovative, human driven and above all promote diversity, tolerance, peace and

KATI Mukupulwapale Dingi, formerly known as Oshiwambo Service was established in 1969 under the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC.

It later joined the South West African Broadcasting Corporation, SWABC, in 1980.

The Service was later transformed to be part of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation in 1990. It provides an interactive environment for its listeners, affording them access to News, Current Affairs and Talk Shows, Music, Drama, Sport, Education, Weather and Traffic, with much emphasis on local content. The broadcasting time is 05:50- 00:00 (24h00)

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Oshakati on 98.2

Social media links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nbc.kati

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kati_fm_nbc

Contact information

Studio number

065 220 403/ 065 220 350

Office Number

065 220 451




Kati FM