!AH FM is a local public radio which targets the three San’s community dialects, namely Ju/hoansi,Khoedam and !khun on health and educational matters as well as traditional stories.

The target community is derogatively known as the Bushmen.

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Tsumkwe on 103.5

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!Ha Radio


Location and Frequency Broadcast from Windhoek on 91.7 Social media links

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ItsTouchFM/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itstouchfm/


Contact information 085 233 2400

Touch FM

Previously known as National Radio, National FM was established shortly after Namibia’s independence in 1992 and it broadcasts in the official language, English. It covers 98 percent of the country on varying frequencies for different areas.

Radio became the first station to broadcast in stereo in 1994. The station prides itself of not only being the voice of the nation but also as a player in the process of nation building. Through programmes such as the popular “People’s Parliament”, a phone-in programme where listeners call in with their concerns and opinions about any issue, National Radio has played a key role in promoting the democratic principles of free speech and expression. National Radio is on air 24/7 with a variety of programmes catering for all sections of the Namibian population.

Presently National Radio’s programme schedule starts at 06hrs to 24 hrs. and stays on air with automated music till 06:00 the next morning.

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Windhoek on 92.6

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Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/nbcNationalFM/

Contact information 061 291 2410 Email: nationalradio2@nbc.na

National FM

Tirelo Ya Sechaba started broadcasting on 1st April 1981 on Othiherero radio in Setswana with two staff members and could only be heard in Windhoek and Gobabis on a 50km radius. In 1996 broadcast switched from MW to FM which expanded to places such as Corridor, Aminuis and Epukiro RC, from there we have expanded slowly but surely we could also be hear in Rundu, Katima Mulilo and Oshakati.

In 2015 TYS expanded to Keetmanshoop, Mariental, Aranos, Okanagandja, Swakopmund and Walvisbay .

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Windhoek on 90.4

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Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TYSfm/ Contact information 061 291 2180


Hartklop FM

Formerly known as the Afrikaans Radio Service of the NBC, Hartklop FM is part of 11 radio stations of the Public Broadcaster, NBC which broadcasts in Afrikaans.

On 27 November 2017 the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Afrikaans Service became the first service since Independence to be transformed from the old NBC Afrikaans Service.  The NBC’s Afrikaans radio service is now known as ‘Hartklop FM’, meaning ‘heartbeat’ in Afrikaans and the motto is “Leef in Afrikaans”, meaning live in Afrikaans. (the language)
It can however be heard 24/7 with automated music and programs filling the rest of the hours. 

Frequency 90.2 FM

Mission & Vision

Hartklop FM strives to remain a vibrant and relevant Radio station that continuously adapts to change, allowing listeners to easily associate with the Station as a media partner offering them the pleasure of listening to radio in the language they love and understand best.

Mission Maximizing resources and talent and the transcendent power of Afrikaans to bring purpose to our staff, listeners, communities, businesses and stakeholders.
Vision To harness the magic of radio such that we bring the communities of the world into your home in a heartbeat. 

Thea Willemse

- Manager
Thea Willemse, the current acting manager at Hartklop FM, joined this formidable team in December 2016 as Media Planner, mainly responsible for content planning, quality control, training and the publishing of content on various platforms, including social media.  She holds a teaching diploma from UNAM and served as Head of Department for Languages at Rocky Crest High School from 2012 to 2016 while freelancing at Hartklop FM.

She loves travelling when the opportunity arises, calls herself a student for life who thrives on challenges, devours mostly Afrikaans literature when she has the time and writes mainly poems and short stories.

Thea believes that your attitude determines your altitude! 

Lourrencia Yawa

 – Administrative Officer
Lourrencia Yawa, the ears, eyes and face of Hartklop FM, first joined the team as a volunteer in November 2019 and through the grace of God , hard work and perseverance, was hired in December 2019 and has since come to love her job.

She matriculated from Jan Jonker Afrikaner High School in 2013 and
has an educational background of Journalism and media studies.

Andries Mouton

- Media planner / Presenter

Andries Mouton hails from Otjiwarongo and grew up on a cattle farm about 90km from the town. He received the first part of his primary school education at the Vooruit Primary School at Otjiwarongo. Andries studied at the University of Stellenbosch where he sang in the University Choir with the conductors Acama Fick and Sonja van der Walt. He was also instrumental in forming a men’s ensemble called “A Few Oaks”.

Currently Andries is responsible for an economic and entrepreneurial program. He also presents a “Boeremusiek” program on Saturdays and on Sunday morning a program of sacred choir music. He also does live sport commentary on rugby and soccer.
Andries relishes the opportunity of radio and loves imparting skills. 

Rian Cloete

Rian Cloete hails from Namaqualand in South Africa. Rian attended primary and high school in Steinkopf, and left in 1978 to study at UWC where after he became an Afrikaans teacher and lecturer. 
Rian started his broadcasting career in Windhoek, Namibia, in 1989.   

Rian became a better person by simply listening to the blessings in their hearts.He moved to the SABC in 1994 where he joined “Radio Sonder Grense” and became an Afrikaans newsreader on television for SABC 2. 
In 2017, Rian’s career in the broadcasting industry came full circle when he re-joined the Afrikaans Radio Service of the NBC, known as Hartklop FM, as studio producer.  

His keen interest in world developments, politics and news make him an outstanding presenter/ producer for the actuality slot “Wêreld in 60 Minute” every weekday from 13h10 to 14h00. 

Nic Dames

- Presenter
Nic Dames was raised on a farm not far from the small town of Gochas in the Hardap Region. He attended school from Grade 1 to 12 at Elnatan Private School at Stampriet where he matriculated in 2008. In
2010 Nic started his career in broadcast media in Windhoek and joined
the Hartklop FM team in 2016.

Nic is currently the host of the Youth Hour on Hartklop FM, every week day between 14:00 and 15:00 amongst others.

His interests include films, music and food, which according to him, have the power to bring people together and are international languages understood and enjoyed by all.

Alastair Baron

- Field Producer

Alastair Baron is a broadcast journalist with over 12 years’ experience in the Namibian radio industry. He forayed into broadcasting when he joined commercial radio company Planet Radio, the mother body of Radio Kudu, Omulunga Radio and Fresh FM in 2008 as part of the administrative department. His vocal and presentation abilities were soon recognised by his then management and he journeyed into radio presentation during the mid –mornings on Radio Kudu in 2010.

Eventually Baron’s talent saw him moving to ONE FM for another two years as on-air presenter / producer and sales executive, until 2015 when he joined the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation’s Hartklop FM as Presenter.
He currently retains his position at Hartklop FM, and broad daily from the NBC studio in Swakopmund, Erongo region. 

Tammy Kleinhans

– Field Producer

Tammy hails from southern Namibia and grew up in Keetmanshoop. After she matriculated from PK de Villiers, she went for further studiesat the University of Johannesburg. She obtained a BA Journalismdegree.

Tammy has worked for the daily Afrikaans newspaper Republikein and weekly Informante where she mainly reported on health and educational matters.She began in 2016 at the Afrikaans radio service of the NBC which is now known as Hartklop FM.

She works on the morning shows “Uit die vere” and “Oggendkuier”. Tammy enjoys covering community based stories that she thinks can make a positive contribution in the upliftment of Namibians.
“I choose to try and see the positive in every situation”. 

Ingrid Dentlinger

- Freelance Presenter

Attie van Wyk is your regular host on a Saturday morning between 08:00 and 12:00. Naweekjoernaal is a relaxed "kuier" - a journal loaded with a variety of music and a variety of odd and not so odd stories. 

Attie is also a regular with the translation and reading of news bulletins and on the odd days assisting with the evening varia programs.Being a teacher of sciences almost his entire life he sees himself as inquisitive and is thus always searching to find those facts/matters/experiences that are worth knowing about and which are educative.
He is a food lover and knows his way in the kitchen.

Gardening comes naturally and having classical music training he is also a capable accompanist. He is fond of poetry and loves presenting poetry and stories to his audience.

Sharifa Swartz

Sharifa with her infectious laughter is dearly loved, especially by the senior citizens of the station.  She has natural leadership skills and specializes in investigative journalism.  

Community issues affecting especially the youth and older people lie very close to her heart.  Sharifa also has a huge following on Facebook.

Paul Brits

Paul Brits is born in Windhoek and grew up on a farm in the  Aus area in Southern Namibia.  He matriculated at PK de Villiers Secondary School in Keetmanshoop.Since his primary school days he already showed a keen interest in the broadcast industry and insisted that he wants to be a radio presenter one day.  
After he matriculated Paul started his professional career at a commercial bank whereafter he joined the then SWABC (predecessor of the NBC) in 1981 as a production assistant.  

Chris Matthee

– Freelance Presenter

Christiaan Beyers Matthee, or generally known as Chris, currently holds the position of Executive Officer: Capricorn Private Wealth at Bank Windhoek since1994. Chris was previously employed at Namibia Development Corporation as a
Business analyst. 

Chris, a B Comm. Honors Graduate from the University of Stellenbosch, is a freelancer at Hartklop FM for the past 22 years. His distinguished voice, excellent broadcasting skills, vast general knowledge, pleasant personality and dedication are traits that make him an asset for radio, especially as apresenter for the ever-popular Golden Oldies on Friday evenings. 

Chris enjoys music, cycling and cooking in his spare time and believes that
“Attitude is everything”.

Marius Millard

– Freelance Presenter

Marius Millard is a seasoned broadcaster whose experience in the broadcasting industry stretches over a period of more than thirty years.  He joined the Afrikaans Radio Service of the then SWABC, now known as the NBC, in 1989 as a junior announcer.  Because of his hard work, dedication, excellent human relationship skills, empathy, knowledge and experience Marius was promoted to the position of manager at the Afrikaans Radio Service in 1993.  He held that position until 1997, where after he resigned from the NBC.

Attie van Wyk

Attie van Wyk is your regular host on a Saturday morning between 08:00 and 12:00. Naweekjoernaal is a relaxed "kuier" - a journal loaded with a variety of music and a variety of odd and not so odd stories.

Attie is also a regular with the translation and reading of news bulletins and on the odd days assisting with the evening varia programs.Being a teacher of sciences almost his entire life he sees himself as inquisitive and is thus always searching to find those facts/matters/experiences that are worth knowing about and which are educative.  
He is a food lover and knows his way in the kitchen. Gardening comes naturally and having classical music training he is also a capable accompanist. He is fond of poetry and loves presenting poetry and stories to his audience.
He is married and has children and grandchildren.

Popular Segments

– “Uit die Vere” – our daily breakfast show with presenter Ulysses Felix serving you the latest news, actuality, entertainment and sport with your very first cup of coffee in the morning. The best possible way to start your day with traffic reports, weather updates, competitions and a variety of music to set the mood for the rest of the day. (from 5h45 to 9h00)

– “Goeiewense” - A daily opportunity for listeners to send good wishes to family and friends around the country with music and interesting entertainment news with a good variety of music. The host is Ingrid Dentlinger
(from 09h00 to 10h00)
Music Variety

– “Wêreld in 60 Minute” - the lunch hour actuality slot features hard core news/ actuality and updates on the latest news reports around the world. It helps you to keep track of events in Namibia and globally. The host is Rian Cloete.
(from 13h00 to 14h00)\

“Tjaila Met...” with Sharifa Swartz. It is the drive time show taking you home daily
between 16h00 and 18h00. If features one of the most popular slots, “Sê jou sê”
A phone-in program that encourages listeners to air/ express their views/ opinions on matters that concern them. We take you home safely with a mix of various music genres and the latest on news and sport

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Manager Marketing & Sales
Studio Sms 62223
E-mail assecretary@nbc.na
061 – 291 2331 ,061 – 291 2132
291 3777,  061 – 291 2007 / 8

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Hardklop FM


Started with broadcasting on the 13 December 1976. The radio service underwent numerous changes as per NBC mandate to inform entertain and educate the listeners and inspire the growing nation. Its current slogan is Radio Mutima wetu (Radio our heart).

Rukavango Radio service broadcasts mainly in 3 main local languages, Rukwangali, Rumanyo/Rugciriku and Thimbukushu starting from 06h00 to 21h00.

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Rundu on 93.2/107.1

Social media links


Contact information 066 255 118

Wato FM

Silozi Service started broadcasting under SWABC on the 15th of December 1986.

In 1990 the service and other radio stations joined the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). The service has strong listenership in the rural areas and neighbouring countries like Zambia and Botswana and is a youth dominated station.

Broadcasting hours: 06:00 to 21:00.

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Katima Mulilo on 95.8 & 93.5

Social media links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nwanyi-FM

Contact information 066 263 029

Nwanyi FM

The German Service of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation has been in existence since 1979 and is a public broadcaster committed to preserve and promote the German-Namibian culture. Its purpose is to build bridges between the diverse cultural groups of the country and to promote mutual understanding among different language groups.

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Windhoek on 94.9 & 95.8

Social media links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/germanradio

Contact information 061 291 2330


History/ Background In Damara/Nama on the

Website Location and Frequency Broadcast from Windhoek on

Social media links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sidakaisames

Contact information 061 291 2456



Mission- To be the leading Radio Station in Namibia and abroad

Vision- To develop Kati FM as a vibrant Radio Station that educates informs and
entertains its listeners by providing high quality programs that are pro-active,
innovative, human driven and above all promote diversity, tolerance, peace and

KATI Mukupulwapale Dingi, formerly known as Oshiwambo Service was established in 1969 under the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC.

It later joined the South West African Broadcasting Corporation, SWABC, in 1980.

The Service was later transformed to be part of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation in 1990. It provides an interactive environment for its listeners, affording them access to News, Current Affairs and Talk Shows, Music, Drama, Sport, Education, Weather and Traffic, with much emphasis on local content. The broadcasting time is 05:50- 00:00 (24h00)

Location and Frequency Broadcast from Oshakati on 98.2

Social media links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nbc.kati

Instagram: https://instagram.com/kati_fm_nbc

Contact information

Studio number

065 220 403/ 065 220 350

Office Number

065 220 451




Kati FM


Otjiherero Service (Omurari) of the NBC had it’s first broadcast on the 1 December 1969 and was part of South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC.The Service then joined the South West Africa Broadcasting Corporation SWABC in 1980 and upon the attainment of Independence in 1990 the station was among those radio stations that transformed to the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation, under the guidance of an independent Board of the NBC.
The Station serves all Namibian Communities under the Otjiherero as a language in all corners of the country and abroad with quality programs on FM. The Radio is live from 05H00 in the morning till 24HOO, bringing its listeners a variety of interesting programmes.


Location and Frequency
Broadcast from Windhoek on 101.7


Social media links
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/nbc.omurari 


Contact information
061 291 2429 / 061 291 2457


National FM

National FM